Bank-grade AI Tools To Optimize Client Service and Manage Regulatory Risk

Our software is powered by the latest AI technology and incorporates proprietary insights derived from regulatory, compliance, and operational expertise to tackle some of the riskiest, most expensive client-centric challenges.

Complaint Insights

Reduce the volume of complaints and the labor of complaint research and remediation. Our complaint analytics tool finds the hidden insights and risks, including from Spanish-language complaints using our Translation module.

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Reduce the cost to sell to and service Spanish speaking customers. Our translation model has been trained on financial services terminology and incorporates Compliance Insights for client- and regulator-friendly accuracy and clarity.

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Policy Chat

Reduce call center call handle time, improve first contact resolution and augment compliance. Our policy chat interface makes search and comprehension of policies easy. Policies can be processed in both English and Spanish.

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How it Works

Our software can run in your cloud or ours. No data sharing is required, and human-in-the-middle workflows are standard.

Source data is identified

Whether we're working with complaints, policies, or text needing translation, you identify the data that will be processed using our tool.

Processing happens with a combination of AI and human oversight

Our proprietary model and workflows manage ingesting and processing the data.

Results, delivered

Complaint insights are available in near real-time through our dashboard or can be sent directly to your case management system. Translated text is provided via UI or API-based updates to your CMS. And policies we process get a chat-like interface that can be provided to your staff.

Who we are

Our team includes industry veterans with a combination of regulatory, technical and AI expertise. We fuse together the latest developments in generative AI with deep knowledge of the banking regulatory and compliance landscape in our software for banks and fintechs.


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Feb 8, 2024
3 Ways to Decrease Your Risk in the New CFPB Enforcement Era

The CFPB enforcement team is on a roll and set to get supercharged in 2024. In a blog post last week, the Bureau covered highlights of the 29 enforcement actions brought in 2023, which resulted in more than 3 billion dollars in consumer compensation and almost half a billion in civil penalties. The post also announced that they would be “significantly expanding [their] enforcement capacity in 2024.” That expansion will reportedly increase the enforcement staff by 50% and create an additional litigation team.

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Jun 12, 2023
The CFPB's Chatbot Worries and 3 Ways Vectari's Bank-Grade AI Can Help

When it comes to banks and chatbots, it may feel like what’s old is new again. Just six years ago, it seemed like the chatbot buzz was everywhere as banks started considering how the then-current natural language processing technology would power a new generation of digital customer interactions. The buzz quickly receded, though, as the limitations of that technology became clear. With ChatGPT as an example of broader large language models (LLMs), the chatbot narrative for banks has been rebooted...

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Jan 31, 2024
Latino Financial Services Market to Grow by $85 Billion

Last month, McKinsey published a report entitled The Economic State of Latinos in America: Advancing Financial Growth, which examines the significant size and sharp projected growth of the market for financial services among Latinos in the U.S. The study’s findings come on the heels of a report published in 2023 by the Latino Donor Collaborative finding that...

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Apr 11, 2024
ePay Connect 2024
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Mar 27, 2024
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Oct 18, 2023
24th Cybersecurity Symposium
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